The Duke Mansion

When Arborguard arrived on the property in 2009 many of the Boxwood Hedges were in extremely poor condition, suffering from insect infestation and malnourishment. Barry Gemberling, Lead Arborist and Manager of our Charlotte office, performed an extensive survey of the property and generated a detailed tree and plant healthcare program for the entire site. In order to bring the Boxwood Hedges back to health, a maintenance plan consisting of soil pH modification, nutrient amendments, hand pruning, and pest and insect treatments was implemented. Within just one season of treatment all of the Boxwoods were thriving.

This past year Arborguard was asked to prepare a part of the property for the installation of a Winners Circle Garden–one of only three in the United States. Before the installation could occur, Arborguard used an Air Knife to loosen highly compacted soil and reinvigorate roots. In addition, an expanded slate aggregate was added to improve aeration and drainage for healthy plant growth. The garden was an immense success and adds a unique quality to the mansion’s landscape. Arborguard continues to do regular maintenance for The Duke Mansion.