Clemson University

Silva Cell’s breathable infrastructure fosters healthy root growth by providing ample space for root expansion and immediate access to nutrient rich soil. In addition, the system allows for rainwater absorption and serves as a storm water management system; it is capable of capturing and processing up to two inches of rainfall.

In the summer of 2011, eight large, severely declining Willow Oaks located in front of Clemson University’s football stadium were removed. The trees were compromised because a detailed site plan had not been realized prior to planting. Tree roots were unable to expand due to close proximity to walls and streets and suffered from highly compacted soil. As the University’s tree care partner of choice, Arborguard installed eight Silva Cells and planted new Willow Oaks in place of the malnourished trees. The installation took about a week and the trees were planted smoothly and successfully.

Recent testing has shown that this unobtrusive planting method is far more effective than applied structural soil because it provides trees with immediate access to the elements crucial for survival. Arborguard looks forward to future collaborations with universities, office parks, and other urban spaces to provide innovative planting solutions for trees.