Ballantyne Property

In 2009 Barry Gemberling, Lead Arborist and Manager of Arborguard’s Charlotte office, was asked to do a survey of trees on the Ballantyne Resort Golf Course and put together a plant health care program for the site. Impressed with the quality of work we performed on the course, the Ballantyne corporate park manager asked Arborguard to do an inventory of over 6,000 trees on the property. Notebooks containing detailed plant and tree care plans were compiled for each building. Soil injection therapy, insect management, and pruning are now routinely done to improve many of the property’s trees, and they have never looked better.

The Ballantyne Resort Golf Course recently converted the greens from Bent to Bermuda grass. Arborguard carefully pruned trees to increase sunlight to improve turf growth. The new Ballantyne putting greens are in prime condition and serve as an exemplary model for other golf courses in the area. In addition, Arborguard introduced a new method of pruning for over 200 specimen Crepe Myrtles that keeps the form natural and attractive all year long. In the past two years a soil therapy program for stressed parking lot trees has had a profound effect on improving the health of hundreds of trees left to struggle under otherwise harsh summer heat and drought. Arborguard will continue to monitor the trees yearly and apply customized treatments to ensure that the vision of a beautiful and comfortable setting with lush, green, canopy trees is ultimately achieved and preserved.