The role of the

Consulting Arborist

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The role of the Arborist is to represent the interests of the owner.

The role of the Arborist is to represent the interests of the owner. In that capacity the Arborist should become part of the development team starting with the planning process and then remain involved through construction until the project is completed. Critical decisions involving trees during development and construction have a significant impact on the outcome and success of a project. Any property with trees should involve an independent Consulting Arborist experienced in every aspect of construction as early as possible. A good Arborist can save money while making a profound difference in project scheduling, navigating complex regulations, the aesthetics of the finished project, the environmental impact to the site, and especially with public relations.

For over 35 years, Arborguard’s team of Consulting Arborists have partnered with hundreds of developers to effectively analyze sites and site plans and to create tree preservation programs that address issues that arise before, during, and after construction. Some of the specific services we provide include the following

Survey & Analysis

tree protection plans

Zoning representation

  • Survey/analysis of existing trees for health, structure, form, species, size, and other data fields as necessary for the project or ordinance.
  • Determination of impact to trees, woodlands, watersheds, and natural site features based on survey information and field inspections.
  • Review of Architectural, Civil, and Landscape/ Hardscape plans including adjustments to construction plans or procedures to reduce tree mortality or to protect natural site features.
  • Complete/partial Tree Protection Plans, specifications, guidelines, and schematics to mitigate impact starting with demolition through Landscape/Hardscape installation.
  • Boundary issues or disputes involving trees and litigation or expert witness representation if necessary.
  • In-house Auto-cad capabilities with a registered Landscape Architect on staff to stamp and seal documents or to interface with other professionals on the construction team as needed.
  • Representation at public hearings, zoning review boards, and meetings with municipal Arborists or other regulatory officials.
  • Recommendations for tree preservation, transplant, or removal, and tree health care applications or prescriptions to enhance survivability.
  • Develop plans and budgets for long term aftercare of impacted native trees, transplants, and newly installed nursery grown trees.
  • Coordinate with our own in-house crews to provide any necessary tree care services to simplify and expedite preventative or corrective actions.

Contact our construction and development team of specialized arborists for a preliminary project analysis.

We will prepare a detailed proposal and budget outlining our scope of services and the cost for the project.