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Trees have a hard time surviving in the urban environment under even the best conditions.

But when exposed to the rigors and damaging effects of construction, they can succumb quickly to root loss, soil compaction, changes in drainage patterns, or a myriad of other impacts. Trees may appear to be big and strong, but the roots growing right beneath the soil surface are as fragile as a human hair. These roots depend on a complex, living, breathing, soil ecosystem where invisible micro-organisms partner with roots to create a self sustaining environment that has evolved over millions of years. Imagine for a minute, what a bulldozer could do to upset that delicate balance.

We started in the construction business back in 1981.

when Atlanta, affectionately known as “The City of Trees”, began a 30 plus year boomtown growth phase.

Our first big commercial project was Piedmont Center,

which introduced the new concept of an office “park” comfortably set in the midst of a woodland garden. We revised the site plan, fenced off tree protection areas to avoid root damage, consolidated the utilities into corridors, and created a simple list of do’s and don’ts for the contractor. The results were astounding.

After 35 years, almost all of the original trees are still there

creating the exact park-like atmosphere envisioned by the owners.